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Live from the Root

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Therapeutic BodyworK

Whether you are recovering from an injury, working with chronic pain or posture misalignment, looking to improve your performance and balance the asymmetry of your craft as a musician or athlete, striving to deepen your understanding of your body, or seeking a peaceful way to maintain your health, Niema's blend of deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, myofascial massage, structural bodywork, yoga breathwork and stretches, energywork and poetry, deep empathic listening, and calming presence can support your well being.

Embodied Revolution CoachinG System

Grow towards your next octave through cultivating embodiment, empowerment, and expression. We weave experiences for the body, mind, and spirit to co-create multi-dimensional healing; tune into your deepest soul desires and seek to transform your sabotaging behaviors and blocks; and crystallize the practices and tools that can support you in manifesting your highest creative vision in this lifetime.

Ceremony & Education

Rituals to support the transformational processes of life. Workshops and courses in poetry writing, the power of language, transforming internalized oppression, and ritual crafting.

Reiki EnergyworK

Included in massages or on its own, works with the subtle energy of the body to support relaxation.

Mindful Movement

Personalized somatic training and meditation to support more efficient and functional movement in the body and positive transformation.

Yoga breathing techniques are woven into most bodywork sessions, and movement recommendations are available afterwards to help the work last longer.



Our work is always a collaboration. I am in service to the true needs of your body, heart, and spirit at each moment, creating a space and facilitating a process where you can heal yourself.

We can only grow tall if our roots are deep and strong. And we can only go far if we work together. Our work may include deep sharing or silence, laughter or tears, going inward or expanding.

Sometimes all at once.


Healing in the Heart of Portland


The office is at 4230 NE Fremont, in the red building, upstairs in the Wild Hearts Wellness center. Distance sessions are available for energywork and coaching, and you are always welcome to contact me for a free consultation.


rad-i-cal / ˈradək(ə)l/

adjective: denoting or relating to the roots. 


relating to, affecting, or forming an inherent part of the fundamental nature of someone or something; far-reaching or thorough.        

                         comprehensive and intended to be completely curative.

well be-ing /ˈˌwel ˈˌbēiNG/

noun: the state of being healthy, happy, prosperous, fulfilled, and free.