Yoga Instruction


Mindful Hatha Yoga based in classical yoga philosophy combined with archetype exploration. Tailored to the needs of your body. 


I see yoga as a spiritual practice, an opportunity to discover the magic that is the marrow of our bones. The practice is not something we impose on the body, but rather a remembering of ourselves as instruments in the orchestra of life.

I strive to be honorable of the threads of authentic yoga tradition and other sacred spiritual practices while embodying the improvisational Rainbow Dream we are creating in this moment. I weave precise, anatomy-aware alignment-based Hatha Yoga, the immanent philosophy of Tantric Yoga, archetype awareness and mythology, journeying work, poetry, and contemporary culture to create a "Hero’s Quest" experience in my group classes. I use the soothing lilt of my voice, poetic words, music, essential oils, and other elements to create a full-sensory experience. My teaching is specific and gentle, direct and metaphorical, weaving a temple in the midst of the everyday and inviting you to open to that liminal space where your soul lives.


Since 2004 my joy has been to provide a space to explore true embodiment, focusing on the foundational, structural, and mythical aspects of the asanas to empower students to profoundly understand their unique bodies.

This can help people feel safe and connected in any yoga class they might attend in the future. Private yoga classes are an excellent adjunct to bodywork, supporting you to create lasting change from the inside out that harmonizes with and supports the work we do on the table. I also bring the awareness cultivated by over a decade of teaching yoga to my bodywork sessions.

Complete beginners and advanced practitioners, older people and young athletes all feel comfortable in my classes because the work is tailored to each student's needs, and lays a foundation for truly understanding yoga - from the inside out.