Truly Transformational.

Last week I received my first Transformative Therapeutic Bodywork session with Niema Lightseed Wilson of Radical Well Being Bodywork and it was absolutely incredible. I can’t wait for my next session!

I am an aerial silk artist in training and am very active in my body. When I arrived at the session I had a strained trapezius muscle and was very sore and tight in my shoulders, back, and neck. I felt heavy emotionally with stress lingering in my body and mind.

Niema powerfully, consciously and gracefully supported all of my pain-points physically, emotionally and spiritually.
She used the following techniques in our 90-minute massage session: Deep Tissue and Myofascial Massage, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (which was new for me, and I loved it!), Breathwork, Reiki Energywork, and some Swedish Massage. There were moments of intensity as my muscles were incredibly tight, and Niema gently guided me to breathe into these areas as she supported the release of tension with her healing touch.

I appreciated Niema’s focused and nurturing presence during the entire session. She intuitively worked physically and energetically on the areas of my body that needed the most attention (even areas that I didn’t know connected to the pain points) and she applied the perfect level of pressure. She also offered guidance and supportive feedback to assist me in shifting patterns that created the tension in my body.
In addition to relieving the stress and tightness in my body, I felt a renewed sense of clarity, peace, and inspiration.
Niema then suggested some stretches to do each day, which have continued to support me.

I also purchased one of her incredible handcrafted Aromatherapy Mists, “Clarity,” which is absolutely divine. I spritz myself every day and it is clearing, uplifting and balancing.

What I also loved about working with Niema was the ease of booking a session with her, which I did online. Her website is stunning. It includes her suite of wellness offerings alongside rich writing and wisdom that beautifully portray Niema’s essence.
You can schedule a session instantly + fill out the forms beforehand, saving time when you arrive. I also received an email reminder, which I appreciate!

As I’m sure you’ve already gotten the hint, I highly recommend working with Niema Wilson of Radical Well Being Bodywork. Especially if you are someone that wants to receive high quality, holistic bodywork that addresses the root of the imbalance and includes energetic components as well.

It truly was a transformational experience, as her work describes!
— Kristina Pescatore, Dancer and Chocolatier

My appointment with Niema was phenomenal. I’m still feeling the results of my session with her which was last week! She’s an excellent listener and was able to sift through my goals and create a session that allowed me to move out stagnant emotion, participate in lengthening tense and shortened tissue, surrender and relax deeply, and get off the table feeing taller, longer, more fluid, more rooted, with more suspension and bounce in my step. Her healing work is deep and artful. Very grateful and I will be back!
— Sannalee Solem, Bodyworker

Niema’s presence is immediately welcoming. Her soft presence makes it easy to feel safe and open up. Although her technique is nurturing, she is also direct and focused. Her knowing touch is therapeutic, exactly where it’s needed. She meets each muscle with deep listening, giving it exactly what it is calling out for. The body and energy healing she offers is simultaneously relaxing, rejuvenating, and integrative. I highly recommend Niema for all of your massage needs.
— Kriyanna Elumen, Teacher and Mother

Niema’s sensitivity, healing and skill is all encompassing. From the way she prepares the space, to the brief and intentional check in, to the actual time on the table. My nervous system and body easily relaxed in her presence and touch. My emotions felt safe. My mind was put at ease.
Her method and touch is unique, powerful and poetic.
At first, i was entranced. I felt like I was floating, being moved in gentle waves, which allowed my body to fully relax. Then as she gently coaxed the awareness in my breath, she moved deeper, with powerful and skilled therapeutic techniques for actual healing and transformation.
I know one visit, can’t fix the years of solidified tension and atrophy but from one visit I left with hope for what seemed a hopeless condition in my shoulders and neck.
I highly recommend, Niema of Radical Well Being Bodywork to anyone who is ready to experience authentic healing.
— Rebekah Water Eye, Musician

Niema brings the utmost level of personal attention, presence and professionalism to each treatment. She is a true healer with the ability to meet you where you are while gracefully guiding you to where your greatest healing can occur.

Her space is inviting and nurturing, and I love how simple it is to book online.

I highly recommend booking a session with Niema for all of your massage and bodywork needs.
— Jennifer Alyse, Photographer