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Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony

Breathwork is an active meditation that accesses the emotional body, directly. We will breathe in a way that gets beyond the mind and ego - releasing stuck emotion - allowing spirit to flow through freely, as you.

Ceremonial cacao is pure chocolate, enjoyed as a warm drink in a ritual container that supports clarity and self-awareness. Ma Cacao is a potent ally that resonates at the frequency of the heart and can awaken our connection to our emotional and energetic bodies, and especially when combined with transformational breathwork, it can help us dissolve blockages and release stuckness as we open to greater levels of self-awareness and self-expression.

Come with your intentions about what you wish to release and make space for in your life, as well as a blanket and cushions to lie down comfortably.

I am delighted to co-facilitate this offering with Krishna Avalon LAc.

Krishna has offered acupuncture since 2002, adding Reiki, vibrational medicine, and other healing arts to her practice along the way. She works to help people connect to their own energy so that they can care for themselves. She has treated everything from women's health and pain management to allergies, sleep disorders, anxiety, and more. Her wish is for all people to find what makes your heart sing and do that, be that, as much as possible.

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