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Souldust: Nature Edition

Connection is the key to more soulful living.

The faster our world spins, the stronger our need becomes to slow down and remember the truth of our essence. Join Souldust for a weekend in the woods, surrounded by the wild, revitalizing elements in the presence of others seeking harmony… communing, breathing, remembering how to simply and fully be. Deepening connection to self and soul through nature, learning more about the quiet places within you.

At this mini-camp, you will experience all of the hallmarks of a Camp Souldust experience– connection to creativity, self-care, play, spirituality/woo, nature, embracing your gifts, and a deep sense of belonging– with a special emphasis on the healing properties of being in communion with Mother Earth. This intimate two-day weekend experience of just 40 campers is a respite of soul work amongst the plants, trees, waters and skies of the Pacific Northwest.

Niema will be offering cacao ceremony and a yoga class at this restorative camp retreat.

Earlier Event: April 20
Souldust: Magic In the Woods