Creative Musing

Visionary Coaching for Creators


Creativity is Our Birthright

Let me be your instigator.

Let’s find how art would move through you.

Cheerleader, challenger, and consultant.

Helping you pave the way from “why” to “how.”

One delicious inquiry at a time.

Creating Is Our Responsibility

If you made it this far, there is something within you waiting to be born. A book, play, course, business, new way of being, or other creative project. You may be in the earliest visioning phases or late-stage editing, you may just need a single-session nudge or a multi-month hand-holding.

Wherever you are, let’s find the next steps together.

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In my Breath and BLood

A lifetime of following the call of the Muse, a vast analysis of the creative process, and many years of supporting other creatives and people in healing journeys enable me to have a unique perspective and skillset to bring you closer to your own visioning and manifestation process.

In this Together

Nurturing another’s creativity is one of my greatest joys. It is my life’s work to court inspiration and ensure the continuation of art. We won’t give up if it gets hard. We won’t settle for less than your full brilliance. We will see what is truly possible for you to bring forth from your fecund depths.