Honoring our Rites of Passage. Celebrating the Seasons of our years and our lives. Setting intentions, beginning businesses, giving thanks, creating unions, grieving losses, growing older, growing free. All of these moments are supported by ritual, a natural tool for expanding and integrating human consciousness. 

I facilitate ceremonies that call to our deepest depths and highest heights. That draw on my years of experience as a mystic, priestess, yogini, poet, and seeker on the path of healing.

My favorite ceremonies include high-quality, fair trade ceremonial cacao. Ma Cacao is a potent ally that resonates at the frequency of the heart and can awaken our connection to our emotional and energetic bodies, helping us perceive and dissolve blockages and increase resilience and wholeness as we open to greater levels of self-awareness and self-expression.

There are many ceremonial options possible, as well as mentoring and instruction on creating rituals and offering energywork, contact me for a free consultation where we can discuss your desires and intentions and see if we are called to pray together.

Our path towards the joy of becoming more human may include tears, laughter, energywork, singing, meditation, spiritual philosophy, empath skill-building, aromatherapy, and other ceremonial elements depending on the needs and season.