What's In A Name?


rad-i-cal / ˈradək(ə)l/ adjective: denoting or relating to the roots. Relating to, affecting, or forming an inherent part of the fundamental nature of someone or something; far-reaching or thorough. Comprehensive and intended to be completely curative.

well be-ing /ˈˌwel ˈˌbēiNG/  noun: the state of being healthy, happy, prosperous, fulfilled, and free.

I am a logophile, a lover of words. I am also a devotee of the body, an eternal student of the mysteries of muscle and bone, fascia and integument, the cells and systems that make up our amazing organisms. As a long-time student and practitioner of wellness, I have sought the core of health for many years, striving to understand what truly nurtures us, how we heal, and what lives beneath the surface of our stories, pains, and triumphs.

When I dreamed into the naming of this business and calling, how I wanted to frame my offering of bodywork to the world, it came as this multi-layered expression of the nature of healing in the intense times. I wanted to emphasize the understanding that what brings us health and joy is finding our inner roots, both the primary cause of dysfunction and disharmony, as well as the true wellspring of life of which we each carry a tendril. Beneath and beyond all trauma and conditioning, all illusions and appearances, discovering and connecting to the root of who we are is what can heal us.

Healing is not something we can make, or give. It is a flow we open to, like creativity, like life itself. We cannot heal others, we cannot even heal ourselves as a form of doing, just as a seed does not make itself sprout. We listen, we clear, we hold space, we allow. Healing is a process that moves through us. Life is constantly evolving, and the right conditions allow the seed to become a part of that. We heal by finding our true roots within, and growing from that place.

Radical also speaks to the idea that in a world where profit is made when people are sick, seeking and creating a space for our own healing is a revolutionary act. Offering art, as therapeutic touch and empathic listening and inspiring words, is my primary form of activism. I envision a world where health, vitality, authenticity, and creative self-expression are cherished and protected as everyone's birthright. My work is to help nourish that world into being.

May we all learn to live from the roots.